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Venkat Singh Shyam


Venkat Shyam, has been sketching and painting since he was seven years old. Every scrap of paper, even the blank spaces on the walls of his home were covered with his charcoal drawings. When Venkat’s uncle, Jangarh Singh Shyam, visited in 1983, his eye caught the image of Shridi Saibaba on the wall and the sketches of houses and insects in the margins of the newspaper. He asked Venkat to come to Bhopal to paint after he had completed his studies in the Sinjhona village school.

 Venkat did exactly that. He was fascinated with the huge 10x10 canvases and poster colours and most of all, with the brushes which came in so many sizes. His first painting was of the goddess Khero Mai, who protects the village from evil spirits and to whom he had prayed before he left for Bhopal. When Jangarh saw the painting and called him donkey, Venkat knew his uncle was pleased with his work.

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30 x 23 inches

Mixed medium on paper


23 x 30 inches

Mixed medium on paper


23 x 30 inches

Mixed medium on paper


26 x 34 inches

Mixed Medium on canvas