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FN Souza


Francis Newton Souza (b. 1924 – d. 2002) was the founding member of the Progressive Artist's movement in Bombay. His contributions to the modernists is considered extremely influential and several of his paintings have been critically recognised as a precursor to the Indian contemporary genres of the Arts.

Souza's practice ranged from figuratives to the abstractions, where he distorted the bludgeoning image of reality to something close to angular studies of the world that he lived in. His works depicted his emotional upheavals and comforts and explored human conditions at large. While a lot of his revered works were made during his travels, a lot were also a personal testament to his sexual experiences. People, places, social conditions, and dichotomies were largely his favoured subjects. Although it is difficult to sum up his entire range of work but his paintings have often questioned the world at various times during his life. The lines in his works have been considered as revolutionary and eclectic. So much so that his expressionist artworks became a source of wealth for his patrons. Several auctions have evaluated his works in millions.

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11 x 9 inches

Chemical alteration on paper


15 x 22 inches

Acrylic on Paper


15 x 22 inches

Mixed medium on paper


11 x 9 inches

Pen and ink on paper