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Rabin Mondal


Rabin Mondal, born Rabindra Nath Mondal, Lovingly called Rabin-da, (1929 – 2 July 2019) was an Indian painter from Howrah, West Bengal. He was a founding member of the Calcutta Painters. Rabin-da lived and worked in virtual obscurity until retrosepctive exhibitions of his work in Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai brought him to national attention in 2005.

Howrah, a congested suburb of Kolkata was known for its overcrowded slums and impoverished migrant workers trying to elk out a living. It was this environment that caused a young Rabin to take note of the realities of life, its trials and many tribulations. Rabin-da, like many other artists of his time, was also deeply affected by the Bengal famine of 1943, the struggle for India's independence, and the subsequent partition of his native Bengal. All this strongly influenced his art and outlook.

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14 x 10 inches

Charcoal on paper


12 x 9 inches

Acrylic on Paper


46 x 42 inches

Acrylic on Canvas


15 x 22 inches

Mixed medium on paper


14.5 x 11 inches

Acrylic on paper board


14 x 20 inches

Pen and ink on paper