Ashish Kushwaha

New Delhi

"Protect what has been given for free our waters, skies, wildlife and trees, For once they're gone, don't you say consider yourself warned of that fatal day".
Sylvia Stults


An Aura of despair, A profound sense of loss, mind numbing loneliness and utter alienation,  Ashish kushwaha’s wastelands are populated by familiar elements like an animal or bird on unfinished concrete construction, a standing testimony to the destruction caused by man and his endless greed. Ashish has turned “Greed is good” into extraordinary Art that shocks the bejesus out of you.

Ashish Kushwahawas born on19 March1987 in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh.He says he has been painting since the age of 14 and gets inspired by life events that happen in his environment and that he always has tried to express those in his perspective through his art. He completed his BFA from I.K.S.V.V. Khairagarh. He mainly works with acrylic and oil colours.

Ashish’s work mostly talks aboutenvironmental issues. They have an ecological echo. “I believe that art must communicate, it must tell a story and it must have a message. Animals and birds and man-we’re two halves of a whole. Sometimes I feel at the rate at which we are moving, we certainly won’t last forever. His work compels us to think about present day human habits and forces us to take a long hard look at ourselves.

“My paintings are silent conversations,” says Ashish, I am always thinking of prakirthi - of the earth as a planet in which there is harmony between animals and man. But what I see is very different and very difficult for me. When I travel by train from one place to another I am always confronted by the whole statement of exploitation in which man takes away from animals and birds the idea of their habitat.”

Ashish Kushwaha’s Art is not for the faint hearted. But his followers and collectors are a tribe apart. Critics and connoisseurs have no doubt that his art is  appreciating.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts I.K.S.V.V.Khairagarh, India


2004 - Ankur Utkarsh Award,Mahakoshal Kala Parisad
- IIIrd Award, Yugantar Public school,Rajnandgaon
2011 - Junior Scholarship, Ministry of Culture Delhi
2013 - Madhyapradesh roopankar state award Bhopal
2016 - Praffula Dhanukar State Award
2017 - Art Foundation Mumbai
- All India silver medal award prafulla dhanukar
- Karanataka lalithakala academy
- All India Fine art society aifacs New delhi
- Junior fellowship ministry of culture New Delhi
2018 - Maharashtra state award by Prafulla Dhanukar art
foundation Mumbai


24 x 34 inches

Watercolour on Paper

36 x 54 inches

Watercolour on Paper

22 x 30 inches

Watercolour on Paper

23 x 30 inches

Watercolour on Paper

22 x 30 inches

Watercolour on Paper

22 x 30 inches

Watercolour on Paper