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Paintings of Shrikumar Adhikari

Profile of Shrikumar Adhikari

Shrikumar Adhikari

Location: New Delhi

Shrikumar’s art is an amalgamation of the lived realities, learned experiences and the stories that he has been hearing from his elders. Being trained as an academic painter Shrikumar learned and experimented with almost all styles and techniques of painting but the realistic approach and narrative, pictorial style of painting has always fascinated Shrikumar since his early days of art education. The current series he is working on is a fusion of the traditional Indian Mughal miniatures paintings and contemporary realities the time we are living in. We are living in the time of virtual exaggeration where almost everything has been driven or controlled by the virtual world from human emotions to cultural values. Gadgets are becoming part of our life so quickly that we are totally dependent on those, the gadgets are now much more like our biological organs that are always a part of our being. In this neo-miniature painting Shrikumar depicted all these things in a subtle and humble way. Shrikumar believes that Art has power to showcase harsh realities in a beautiful manner, and that it is also the beauty of life, it has a balance between realities and aesthetic sensibilities, technology and human values, stories and fragments of bitter truth.

For Shrikumar a painting is not just a medium of artistic expression or profession or livelihood but it is a way of living where we can, connect centuries and create our own world of fantasies.


Masters in Fine Arts from Jamia Milia, New Delhi 


Annual art exhibition by Gallerie Splash, Visual Art Gallery 2018

HT Pallet Fest, Gallerie Splash, 2019, 2020

India Art Festival, Delhi and Mumbai editions, 2019,2020