Parvathi Nayar


Parvathi Nayar is a contemporary visual artist, writer and poet who has set up her studio in Chennai, after living, painting and working in cities such as Singapore, London and Jakarta. She received her Masters in Fine Art from Central St Martins College of Art andDesign, London.

Parvathi is known for her multidisciplinary art centred on complex drawing practices, video,installations, text and photography. Her blackand-white graphite drawings are multifaceted works that look at the spaces in which we live, often through the prism of science and technology. Parvathi’s art talks about different engagements with our environment, and the philosophies of inhabiting them. Her work engages with urban memory and sustainability. A consistent theme through her work is Water in all its aspects – as an integral part of the environment, as oceans, rivers and other water bodies, as a contested resource, as the source of fauna and flora, as well as a substance of meditative and metaphorical power, said to be born in the stars.

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36 x 36 inches

Mixed medium on canvas board


30 x 60 inches

Mixed medium on canvas board