Viraj Naik


A proficient and established printmaker, Viraj Naik has played with the theme of hybridisation throughout his career of more than 30 years. The fluidity of his paintings and sculptures leaves one wondering where the animal form begins and where the human form begins, and vice versa. Throughout his paintings, he captures the individual expression of people. In spite of this, these images are still portraits, even if they appear outlandish to the viewer.

Viraj Naik lives and works in Goa.

Graduated from Goa College of Art with a Bachelor's degree in painting1998.

Masters from Sarojini Naidu School of Fine Art in Hyderabad In 2000

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21 x 15 inches

New medium on canvas board

19 x 15 inches

Mixed medium on board

23 x 19 inches

Mixed medium on board

22 x 18 inches

Mixed medium on board