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Paintings of L Saraswati

Profile of L Saraswati

L Saraswati

Location: Hyderabad

Saraswati's paintings take a lot of inspiration from the mythology. In the past, many have interpreted the characters Radha & Krishna in their own terms, and treated according to the subject. Saraswati also painted these characters from her own imagination with lots of designs in minimum unusual colors, but with varied tones. For example, there are lots of blue in her paintings. Blue symbolizes Lord Krishna and blue is also the colour of love. Her paintings are full of leaves in the background covered with faces of Radha & Krishna, cows, deers, peacocks, Ganesha and more. It emphasizes the subject with lot of subtlety. Radha is seen with flute giving a very traditional look, with minimal jewellery, lots of designs on her clothes, and sitting or resting under a tree. There are lots of flora & fauna elements in her paintings giving it a very colorful and lively depiction.


She has been awarded the All India Art Exhibition Award from Hyderabad Art Society in 2008, and the 4th CMS Vatavaran for Creative Expressions painting, Hyderabad.


Born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh, Saraswati received her   Bachelor in Fine Arts degree from JNTU, Hyderabad, and went on to do her Masters degree from the same University.


She did five solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions to her credit.”celebration”, a group show by Gallerie splash was a remarkable one.  Her Paintings are in collections with many art lovers in India and abroad.