Cross Hatching by Ashok Bhowmick

August 18, 2020

Cross hatching is a complex technique – now fairly rare – through which the artist shades with intersecting sets of parallel lines, moving carefully from light to dark, to give the image depth and shadow. Ashok Bhowmick – a senior, well recognised artist from India – discovered his talent as an artist at an early age, but chose […]

Top 10 Artist

Top 10 Indian Artists

June 11, 2020

Art is community’s wakeup call.Artis ‘THE’ language which can speak to the world at large. Art ‘communicates’!! Art binds and heals. Art reminds us of the values we cherish and defend.Art is the mooring point of mankind’s sanity for without it we would have lost direction and perspective long back. Gallerie Splash (Splash) is an […]

Thota Vaikuntam

June 4, 2020

In today’s world, when someone refers to a work of art as a “Vaikuntam”, it describes a distinctive style of work, something that throbs with primary colours and ornate finesse. But most of all, it refers to flat illustrations of village folk, – dark, rustic, and distinctly Indian.  Born in 1942 in Boorugupalli in the […]

Ramesh Gorjala

June 4, 2020

Gorjala’s muse is mythology. With exquisite attention to detail and intricate designs in rich gold, red and green colours, Gorjala portrays Indian Gods and Goddesses like never before. With a clientele boasting of the like of Beyonce and Narendra Modi, no wonder he is considered one of the most promising senior artist and an inspiration […]

Paresh Maity

June 4, 2020

Art should always give you happiness and convey the glory of life. That is the fundamental point of any art, says Maity. Maity spends hardly two three months of the year in the capital at his studio, the rest of the time travelling like a wanderer, with his fine refined eye and then responds with […]

Paramjit Singh

June 4, 2020

If you are an Indian looking for landscape paintings, your search will stop at the doorstep of Paramjit Singh. When it comes to landscapes, Singh is a magician, no less. The tactile feel and the texture he manages to achieve through his oil paintings are literally unmatched. The mastery of the medium he uses, his […]

Manu Parekh

June 4, 2020

When the world dances before Manu Parekh’s eyes, it does so in total perfection. Everything has its place; Parekh feels that the magic exists for everybody who chooses to see it. Parekh constantly engages the onlooker through his exploration of the relationship between man and nature, and the influences of the socio-political and cultural environment […]

Lalu Prasad Shaw

June 4, 2020

Lalu Prasad Shaw has a style of his own; Simple, Refined, bold strokes, the use of a vibrant colour palette and his affection for using tempera as a medium. With this he captures the middle-class Bengali babu’s and bibi’s expressions, mannerisms and vanity with great economy of line and colour. All of this imparts a […]

Lal Bahadur Singh

June 4, 2020

“Nature in all its glory”, that’s what sets apart Lal Bahadur Singh from the other artists. His strength lies is in his use of lively colours, detailing and intense storytelling which makes for great visual impact. His selection of colour is from the European colour palate mostly. The distinctive lines in his paintings seem to […]


June 4, 2020

There is eroticism in nature itself, says Goud. Humour, earthiness and vitality emerge in his art as Goud works his magic on his characters. Laxma Goud is known for his elegant hard hitting line drawings, etchings and watercolours. His work recreates the rural setting as if it is frozen in time. Apart from Goud’s great […]