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Mother and child



24 x 24 inches

Acrylic on Canvas,


HR Das

If paintings depicting Bovines in all their dazzling glory make you serene and happy, then look no further than H.R Das’s art. We would say that you have hit the bulls-eye - literally.


Das’s paintings and sculptures depicting the bull and the cow totally flip the images of the animal in our collective imagination. His clean lines and bright colors on visually stunning backgrounds give the bull an almost heroic persona. The bulls and the cows in Das’s paintings tell their stories through different avatars and beautifully portray the essence of strong family bonding


H.R Das was born in Itla, near Burdwan in West Bengal. He did his Master in fine arts from the Karnataka state open university in Mysore and his Bachelors in fine arts from the highly acclaimed “Indira Kala Sangit Vishwa Vidyalaya” in Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh. When he came to Mumbai he had to paint murals initially to make ends meet but his passion for sketching farm animals stood him in good stead. Once his bulls started receiving attention he was able to quit his job as a muralist and pursue his brand of art full-time.


According to the artists own description of his art, he says; “my work is metaphorical and depicts human life and emotions through my characters”. And his main character is the bull. This isn’t surprising because the bull and cow are considered as part of ones extended family in rural India. The bull in Das’s paintings are depicted in different poses and expressions – some laughing, some being pensive, and sometimes dominant, but always full of character which gives it a very lovable human persona. His themes are mostly family oriented which is evident by the titles of many of his works – ‘Family’, ‘Affection’, ‘Love’, ‘Returning home’, ‘Mother and Child’ to name a few. Many of his paintings have symbols like the swastika and the Lotus in the background which the artist feels sets the stage for his main characters to perform; And perform they do! The backgrounds are always intricate and bright tapestries that highlight the interaction between the main players on his canvas.


Gallerie Splash with its one and half decades of experience as an art gallery makes it possible to buy original artwork by H.R Das, both online and offline – through their portal www.galleriesplash.com.

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Mother and child


24X24 inches
Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork between 35000 to 115000

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