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30 x 22 inches

Acrylic on Canvas,


Swaraj Das

Some say that it was Czech art historian Antonin Matjek who coined the term Expressionism as an opposite to impressionism. Swaraj Das has no issues with that. He embraced it in its totality to create art that captured the imagination of art connoisseurs and critics in India and abroad.

Swaraj’s muted and subtle tones using watercolour and acrylic on canvas are visually pleasing and easy going on the eye but at the same time very striking.Here is an artist who has travelled through the borders of Realism and impressionism but ultimately found his own stride in expressionism and in doing so critics believe that Swaraj has come up as one of the contemporary painters from India of great potential and repute.Swaraj is influenced by the works of 18th century French Impressionist painter Claude Monet. His recent works are based on the water lily and banaras landscape. The use of colour is still subtle but has reached a maturity seldom seen in such a young artist. This is precisely why Swaraj’s art is selling like hot cakes and considered a very good investment.

Swaraj was born in Calcutta in 1983. After finishing Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) from the Govt College of art and craft in Calcutta he embarked on a life painting mostly street life in watercolour. As Padmashri Keshav Malik said, “In Many of his earlier paintings we see an invisible line of light, of all kinds of traffic flowing rhythmically over paper or canvas”.


Around 2012, he had the opportunity to travel. When in the USA he created watercolours of cityscapes called “city of life” which won him the prestigious Pennsylvania Watercolour Society’s first prize. He has also received an Achievement award for his work called “Midday Light”.


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