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Monument for blue sky


$ 4,619

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36 x 72 inches

Acrylic on Canvas,


Arun Dev

Arun Dev, is a contemporary artist with an expressive ethos India has witnessed. He was born on May, 24th 1981 and studied at Hyderabad Central University. His brilliant brush strokes create a world on the canvas, which a person might want to live in, but can be only left to imagine. His paintings cross the realms of the real-world paradigm. The artist believes that he paints a world on canvas, but the perspective completely depends on the one who is seeing it. His paintings express human longing for a different world- a parallel universe may be. His works portray a particular space, where all can be together, sharing and witnessing the same space and time. The concept of time and space reels around in a parallel dimension in his paintings.His painting, For a Grand Escape in the Blissful Lightness of Being, depicts a long blue space –stadium with rows of blue seats with the blue clear sky above. In this painting, the artist creates a space where all share the same zone and can witness the world together. In this, he creates a different state of being. The paintings are ambiguous in nature and one untitled painting, portrays a closed egg-shaped womb and an open one with an unborn in it. This artistic endeavor projects the darkest yet the most secured place –the one that remains unknown-the core, the womb. The painter in acrylic style drenches the canvas with golden color.With different colors on canvas and bold brush strokes the artist creates a different world for everyone and leaves on others to perceive it. His paintings might remind someone of the song lyrics-‘Let me take you down,‘Coz I’m going to Strawberry FieldsNothing is real.’ – The Beatles


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