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Radha krishna



24 x 24 inches

Acrylic on Canvas,


Subrata Das

Subrata Das’s works is an engagement with divinity mostly in its sublime manifestation. Born in Calcutta, Subrata Das had done a foundation course from College of Visual Arts under the tutelage of Shuvaprasanna Bhattacharya. Having won accolades in exhibitions like the Gold Medal in Avantika International Art Exhibition, 2003, and certificates of merit and appreciation in the Annual Challenge Trophy, Emerald Isle Gallery, Kolkata and All India Youth Art Exhibition, Das’s works are well sought after for decorating homes and office spaces because of the positivity it exudes.

The works of Subrata Das exudes his poetic imagination and his deep interest in depicting characters from the Indian mythology. His most famous series focuses on the divine love of Radha and Krishna. His canvas tries to capture a celebrated mythical love that exists beyond the mundane conjugal relationships. Subrata Das experiments with mixed media and acrylic to create a mood of mystique that surrounds Krishna and Radha, with a layer of surreal flowers and twines that intersperse these art works. The flute is a recurring motif, which speaks of the allure of Lord Krishna and the divine love that Radha is mesmerized in. Unlike the usual depictions of Gods, which tend to be very ornate, Krishna and Radha are painted as young lovers in simple village attires, austere yet evocative in their bearing.

A reflection of notions of the aesthetic beauty in Bengal can also be seen in a series of paintings done by Subrata Das where he depicts Bengali women. His art shows Bengali women in sarees wore in the traditional Bengali style with a calm smile on their faces, adorned in shringar and vermillion which is slightly smudged. The backgrounds of these paintings sometimes have goddess Durga, showing the fortitude of these women beneath their calm selves. These paintings of Bengali femininity are as sought after as his portrayals of Radha-Krishna, and his paintings adorn the walls of the famous and have been exhibited across India and abroad.


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