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Arrival of winter



24 x 30 inches

Acrylic on Canvas,


Kishore Kumar Sahu

Kishore Kumar Sahu has a love affair. He is in love with the forest, its flora and its inhabitants. You will find creepers, branches, leaves, falling leaves, trees, spiders, beetles, ladybirds and butterflies in his highly detailed art. In short he has been a slave of the elements for a very long time and it shows in his highly acclaimed works,

Kishore was born on 24th September 1978 in Bhilai. He went on to do a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Painting from I.K.S University in Khairagarh. “Painting about nature and its companions gives me utmost joy” says Kishore. The elements can be seen in my painting and they are an intense assortment. Within it one can see the varieties of leaves and its colours, forms, lines and texture. The Composition and the force that is seen are entirely inspired by nature and its beauty.

The feelings and emotions that he obtains from nature is seen in full flow when he is in the process of painting. Thisexpression ofhis emotions and his sense of detailing is something art critics have taken note of and have praised immensely. He uses a very minute brush to do the detailing and this takes a long time, but then, patience pays and it shows in his work.

Kishore uses colours that are light and striking but they are not garish. His detailing is what stands out in all of his paintings. He works with various mediums like watercolour, oil and acrylic.

Quite a few places have his art in their collections already and he has donemany solo and group shows in India and abroad. He has received numerous awards and fellowships already.

Gallerie splash has been associated with the artist for some time now and promote his work as we see immense value for both collectors and for people who see art as an investment.

Gallerie Splash with its one and half decades of experience as an art gallery makes it possible to buy original artwork by Kishore Kumar Sahu, both online and offline – through their portal

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