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Lal Bahadur Singh is a young artist making his presence felt in Indian contemporary art. His strength lies is in his use of bright colours, distinctive lines, detailing and intense storytelling which makes for great visual impact. Lal Bahadur Singh is an alumnus of the prestigious ‘College of Art’ in New Delhi where he completed his Masters in Fine Art. His early childhood years were moulded in a ‘Gurushiksha’ in Gazipur where he also studied art. Lal bahadur’s work deeply reflects his rural upbringing, his extensive travel across rural India and his open minded sensibilities. His attention to the environment and foliage of Indian villages is reflected in the way he uses them as rich background in many of his paintings.

The influence his rural upbringing has is very evident from his arresting and often quite unique depictions of flora and fauna in his paintings. His images are mostly quirky combinations that we least expect but identify almost instantly, and therein lies the beauty of his work. The depiction of the parrot, one of the most easily recognizable and symbolic birds in rural India, is extraordinary as they have been juxtaposed on to an ever-changing urban background devoid of any human form. The cow and the bull, again, very identifiable and revered presence of rural India, are used in a series of paintings to tell us the story of the changing face of life at both the rural and urban locales in this country.

The richness of colours used to depict these life forms are a visual treat. Lal bahadur’s rather unique take on another tangent, that of blatant urbanism at a macro level; forces us to look hard and deep within ourselves and has led him to be coveted by the discerning art collector. His themed collections are great as paintings for homes, corporate houses and museums. They have the capability to make any space instantly vibrant, colourful, contemplative and chic. They are also significant investments.

Gallerie Splash has been collaborating with Lal Bahadur Singh for the past 5 to 6 years due to the immense quality and exclusivity that his contemporary art brings to the table. Gallerie Splash supports the artist by organizing exhibitions and art fairs around the globe. They also organize exhibitions at their achingly modern flagship art gallery located in the heart of Delhi NCR at the Golf Course Road in Gurgaon.

Gallerie Splash with its one and half decades of experience as an art gallery makes it possible to buy original artwork by Lal Bahadur Singh, both online and offline – through their portal www.galleriesplash.com.

The artist as well as the discerning art connoisseur, both benefit from having Gallerie Splash as their promotor and advisor.

  • 2010: M.F.A in Painting from College Of Art, New Delhi.
  • 2008: B.F.A. in Painting from College Of Art, New Delhi.


  • 2023, Dialgoues of  Being, curated by Satyajit Dave, LTC, Bikaner House, Gallerie Splash 
  • 2018, Solo exhibition at India Art Fair, NSIC Grounds, Okhla, Delhi 
  • 2014 :"Drishtikon" Solo exhibition  at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi