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Madhvi Parekh is one of India’s most distinguished artists, having over five decades of art experience. Madhvi’s artworks depicts her childhood memories and fantasies. Her paintings are inspired by rural India, or Indian mythology but retains her own contemporary twist.

Viewers witness several styles ranging from fauvism to divisionism to other similar neo-impressionism in her work. She even alludes to the religious Hindu mythological narratives while also attending to the folk-lores and folk-styles of art-making in India. While her artwork constantly explores the beauty of forms in nature, her art also extends itself to the idea of distorting them to see where that leads her.

The audiences around the world are always triggered to respond to her unparalleled imagination in any case. Her recent exhibit in collaboration with Dior in Bombay also showcased her ability to look beyond borders. There were artworks framing the African native narrative on the female myth, projection, and body. Interestingly, in all of Parekh's unparalleled imagination, we are exposed to a world of visual intricacies woven together through layers constructed by mythology and history.

Kochin Biennale, 2019

Dialogues of being, Gallerie Splash Gurgaon, 2023 

Cosmic Garden, Venice Biennale, 2024


National award from Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi 1979

Cultural fellowship by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, 1986 - 87

Senior fellowship, Government of India, 1989- 91