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Indian painter and Indian Contemporary Artist George Martine lives and works from New Delhi

Born in 1973 in Angamaly, Kerala, George Martin P.J. studied sculpture and completed his BFA from the College of Fine Arts in Thiruvanthapuram and MFA from the Government College of Art & Craftin Kolkata. His works are often centered around today’s urban and multi cultural society and life
and are known fortheir bright and colourful hues thatradiate a certain energy, be it a painting, sculpture or an installation. Ideas to him, take a physical form that has dimensions, shapes, patterns and some sort of a structure. His interest lies in what an idea looks like and where they are located in relation to each other, similar to the aesthetics of sound. The idea planted in his thoughts slowly develops in the background, a process very differentfrom primary thinking. George Martin has exhibited in important solo and group shows both nationally and internationally.
The artistlives and works in New Delhi.

Master of Visual Arts (sculpture), Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata, India (1999-2001)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (sculpture), College of Fine Arts, Thiruvanthapuram Kerala, India (1994-1998)