Leading Indian Art Gallery | Gurgaon | Delhi

Masters in Fine Arts, MSU Baroda,

Mahavir Wadhwana appreciates and celebrates the intricacies of struggling-class life and serendipitous insights into social paradigms. Most of his paintings are expressions developed out of empathetic observations as he dives deep into generic characters, animate/ inanimate objects, and sensory experiences. With the subtle use of colours, delicate lines, overall sense of composition and the self-contained subject matter of symbolic realities; Wadhwana explores and points to the sociological, political, and psychological instances of undaunted human responses. His work is characterized by organic and repetitive patterns, subdued colours, ambiguous contours and the amalgamation of painting, embossing and collaging techniques that define his work.

Wadhwana is currently experimenting with pigments, fabrics, materials and painting surfaces in an effort to continuously widen his range of mediums used for his paintings.