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MSU Baroda, based print maker and Indian contemporary artist

Just laying down in the garden, walking with musical mood, sitting under the tree and reading about north east west south of the world or arguing on all the nonsense ideologies with friends of second inning by sitting on the bench of a street corner, these all are actions of finding those rare moments of happiness in mundane for me, which I tried expressing by the medium of serigraphy. 

My lenses see flat shadow-less colours of nature in layman’s fashion with wish to write a timeless and ageless story of ‘Finding Happiness’ for layman in mundane.

In Life everything is commodity. Single sellers of the happiness in these frames are real influencers of life I say. They sell happiness and in return what they gain is the sheer happiness only. My colors in these frames tried to print those grounded personas who share responsibilities in the extreme times of suffering. The central idea of shadowlessness here, depicts their unconditional selling of happiness where they don’t want their footprints behind. The floor in these single frames prints the idea of their roots and the flat mundane that goes to sublimity with flat but colourful patterns of happiness they do sell.

 Stories we do live with all around… I found myself on a bridge of life as a watcher and witness these stories sometimes we pass through without even noticing. This bridge of life has colours of stories and these stories have colours of characters conceiving the core of routine flat colours, with the patches of patterns. Patterns itself shows repetition but gives a fine design which creates sense of beauty.  

Bridging the characters, my lenses see in these stories shadowlessly through patches of patterns, of routine, of mundane, but of bliss, of sublimity and of divinity in moments of finding and selling and bridging HAPPINESS


Diploma In Painting At Sheth CN College Of Fine Art - 2017 Ahmedabad

Post Diploma In Printmaking At The Maharaja Sayajirao University 2022 – Baroda.

Yado ka selaab - flood of memories