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With the Contrast of living in congested middleclass urban sprawls as a child to
now living in a modern House, I observe the slow transformation of spaces in
relation to domestics. My works are subjective to sense of spaces &
surroundings in Indian middle class houses and relation of domesticity as a
female. Mediums of my work vary from watercolour, Gouache, Graphite,
Postcards, to recently installations and paintings on objects like Curtain.
From finding reflections of Derelict Lands, Abandoned Spaces, urban sprawls,
and spaces of domestic surroundings, my observations are about how a piece

of land is considered as Space, turns to place, then a home, back to an Un-
oriented place. With Rapid Urbanization, the city leaves behind traces of its

desolate abandonment in the naked architecture. My work attempts redefine
tangible tales of the spaces visually, both from its location of reality and
Currently my works are about complexity in transformation of urban spaces to
domestic places. My inquiry is about how an inhabit space transcends a
geometrical place. My recent works are about what place a Home is? What
association does female have with the place of home? What are the social
delegations on domesticity and housing? I try to make Space-centric display of
Paintings by arranging it in a systematic way like arranging paper as floor tiles,
making walls with paintings etc. I find images of house as an absolute entity, as
important as family picture albums with which together weave the idea of
home & belongings.
Process of my practice involves making desired surface on cloth/paper with
like layers rice paper, texture white to later paint on it. In my future works I
would like to more space centric works that are a little more interactive by
inculcating different collected objects like doors, windows from around the

MVA Painting, MSU Vadodara (2021-2023)
BVA (Majors – Painting, Minor- Graphics) MSU, Vadodara- Gujarat (2017-2021)

Yadon ka sailaab, Gallerie Splash, Gurgaon,