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Farhad’s bases his works on the realities of human reFarhad’s paintings dwell on the human figure. His works are narrative with each figure interrelated to the other. Though, on a quick glance, one may feel awestruck by their presence, each figure is an integral part of the work. Each having a personality, which nurtures the narrative relationships and their subtle complexities. 

A 2003 graduate from Shantiniketan, Hussain went on to complete his postgraduate diploma from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda in 2005.

Farhad has chosen to use tempera on cloth for his works, the media allowing him to achieve the desired vibrancy of colours. A slow build-up of images and spontaneous flow of colour while balancing colour and composition simultaneously follow structured formatting. This meticulous planning in the composition and layout is the beginning of a process from where onwards it is very spontaneous and intuitive. Another technique used through out Farhad’s work is the method of applying colour: dot-by-dot till the entire area is completely covered. 

 Farhad Husain did lots of shows & projects with Gallerie splash