Gallerie Splash – Leading Indian art gallery with over two decades of trust

'Bringing iconic Indian masters, exciting contemporary voices, and a new generation of art lovers together.'

Gallerie Splash was founded in 2010 by Jinoy Payyappilly. He has a decade long experience of working in the development sector, having worked in non-profit organisations like Oxfam GB, Population Foundation of India etc. He handled operations for complex situations such as Tsunami Relief, J&K Earthquake, as well as supporting Women Empowerment Programs in urban and rural areas, etc.

His love for art stood out even while working in the development sector, which pushed him to come in close contact with creative communities in remote areas who were also experiencing the brunt of calamities. There he initiated some programs to find support for these communities. Thus started his tryst with Art, where these engagements put him in touch with various artists such as Narmada Prasad Tekam, Ramsingh Urveti, Bhuri Bai,Laado Bai, Nankusia Shyam, Bhajju Shyam, Manu and Madhavi Parekh, Lalu Prasad Shaw, Laxma Goud, and more with whom he shares a working relationship of over 15-18 years.

By hosting curated exhibitions and workshops at regular intervals, it is now a place for exciting ideas and conversations. The flagship gallery is in the heart of Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, and provides access to a wide collection of art works, information regarding artworks and advisory services.

Gallerie Splash operates in both online and offline platforms, reaching out to thousands of art lovers across the country.

Our Vision

Since 2022, the gallery has worked in a strong curatorial direction to focus on Art, Design,Architecture interstices with a strong focus on supporting research based curatorial practices through its annual Curatorial Fellowship Program and the artistic program focuses on research-based practices with a command on material inquiry and skill-based interventions.

We use our resources and platforms to pull down the barriers for newer and young people to explore their desire for art. We support young artist and curators to accelerate their creative journeys.

By enabling wider participation and newer perspectives we would like to contribute to the development of a more robust art world.