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Paintings of Dharmendra Rathore

Profile of Dharmendra Rathore

Dharmendra Rathore

Location: Delhi

Born in 1966 in Rajasthan to a Rajput Family, Dharmendra did his bachelors in paintings from Rajasthan school of art and later his master from delhi college of art. He gained a variety of experience during his college days by working with legendary masters like Ram Gopal Vijaywargiya, then on miniatures with Bannu ji and Kripal Singh. Sanganeri blocks, prints and carpet weaving from local experts have all helped it hone in his artistic expression and technique. These varied learnings and experiences during his struggling days when he painted portraits, murals and other odd jobs to make a living while studying, along with his rich heritage and vibrant Rajasthani culture, have left a deep impression and have shaped the artist that he is today. A fighter, a survivor Dharmendra is unafraid of experimentation and loves innovation as he constantly reinvents the artist in himself, and has found his way in the labyrinths of the art scene in the capital city, winning him several awards and much critical acclaim including a listing amongst come of Delhi's top contemporary young artists. Dharmendra has participated in many national and international solo and group shows, and was awarded the State Award of Rajasthan Lalit Kala Akademy Jaipur including the All India AIFACS New Delhi and The Outstanding Painting Award All India Biennial Rajasthan, Jaipur. Dharmendra loves experimenting with different forms and styles, shifting from figuration to landscapes to abstraction to narratives and again to abstract art. His work focuses on gyan, dhyan, and vigyan where his figuration stands distinctly for the elongated eyes, dainty demure, peaceful posturing, meditative stance and long flowing robes of his protagonist. There is orange of sindoor, the rust of earthen roof tiles, the brown of the soil and the pink of the stone from his home state makes a recurrent appearance in his work. The playful figurative paintings over laden with abstract swirls, strokes scribbles reflect the duality of life and the rustic terrain full of vibrant sounds and sights of Rajasthan comes alive under the master strokes of Dharmendra Rathore.


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