Jogen Chowdhury


Jogen Chowdhury (1939) occupies an important position in the Indian arts' history, where his contributions are considered insightful in creating a more modern approach to art practices. This also includes promoting younger artists and artist communities in India. His engagement with form has been an area of critical engagement for several art enthusiasts and studies. Art historian and curator R Shiva Kumar describes his works as 'rich in suggestions', where he brings forward his 'filial affinity to nature and milieu'.

Spanning over six decades, Chowdhury prefers to work on flat-surfaces with his distinct styles in mediums, such as watercolour, inks, pastels, pencils, charcoal, and lithographs. His individual narrative on partition has found its semblance in his paintings and serigraphs. He has often explained his artworks as a means to communicate the darkness and complexities that surrounded him since his childhood. His famous cross hatching technique has been able to develop an illusion of tonalities, where his modulation of light and shade has become important references for later artists. He claims that his practice is a combined study of techniques and traditional narratives, where he is able to explore the politics and social contexts of everyday life.

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7 x 7 inches

Mixed medium on paper


9 x 9 inches

Mixed medium on paper


11 x 12 inches

Mixed medium on board


12 x 8 inches

Mixed medium on board


17 x 12 inches

Mixed medium on board