Sayantan Kundu


My art practice addresses the mind like a child, who can imagine anything without any worry. I have been doing various experiments to engage with my viewer. While working in my practical practice of visual language I observed that the spectator's interaction with my created work makes it more alive. My visuals are derived from the real world I observed from mundane human life. In the present day, the emotional world of man, even innate values like compassion and love are fast vanishing, the nature of man is being ravaged and he is losing the basic meaning of a human being. I don't practice to achieve the ideal beauty of the form. I use various materials in my work to express my emotions. My work undergoes a craft- based and childlike process that recalls my childhood memories and comments on what it means to be human in society today.


M.F.A. Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Gujarat (Sculpture) 

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