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MSU Baroda, multi disciplinary artist. Indian contemporary artist

What's our art practices consist of? They took shape with having multiple things in it. One has to look at all the aspects to experience it fully. For me, my practice has always been connected with the quality that one medium can bring with it. How one medium can stand on its own and how it also can trace history, which is something I try to understand through my art practice. I also try to understand how artists have work incorporating traditional mediums into their practice and how it has enhanced the meaning that they want to convey through their art works.
My art practice is based on observation of my immediate surroundings, spaces, objects and everyday life. This usually comes from the working-class family. I strongly observe and look for new possibilities in that environment. I primarily notice the economic activity that people of the working-class community are engaged in, to earn their basic necessities. While representing such activities of their life, which talks about their position in society, it helps me to understand the social political issues surrounding it. With that community, specificity of the architecture and distinctive nature of old living and working places also take part in my works. Those are the things which used to be the part of a city, and are now replaced by new things with passing time. Similarly, how each painted wall is painted over with something else, leaving traces of its past behind. City with its streets, walls, architecture and human lives work as a stage to play all roles on it. I mostly have used the figurative mode to the depiction as the human body has always been the centre of my preoccupation. I try to play with the juxtaposition, overlapping, lucidity and opacity in my compositions. While using figures in my work I’m trying to experiment with the dimensionality, skin, ethnicity, posture, and texture of that figure.

Master of visual art in mural department at M.S.U. Baroda, 2022

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, V.N.S.G. Uni ,Surat, Gujarat 2019



2021 - Online 4th student binnale, kochi, India.

Yado ka selaab, Flood of memories, Gallerie Splash, Gurugram 2023