Paramjit Singh

New Delhi

Born 1935. Singh currently he lives in New Delhi, India. He earned his Bachelors and PhD in Fine Arts from Delhi Polytechnic in 1958 and 1962, respectively. For nearly three decades Singh was a Professor in the Department of Fine Arts at Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi.

Singh’s brush charts a course on the canvas that gives the viewer panoramic visions of mystic landscapes. The bush, coated with thick pigment, does not rest before it has filled the entire surface; before the paint has ensured that all the natural forms in the frame have been given a colourful, tactile presence. The dappled areas of the sky and water too are rendered with a tactile feel. The lines etching out the grass, the leaves, the peduncle, seem to be possessed by a mysterious, lyrical musicality. 


36 x 24 inches

Oil on Canvas