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Prabhu Harsoor

Location: Karnataka

In my painting the forms appearing inside the ‘Gallebani’ (the water vessel used by a cobbler) looks like ‘leather pieces’ or ‘letters’. Among those some forms are created but hundreds of forms are shaped out of these which are not created purposefully. They are created spontaneously by themselves in the flow.Each and every ‘leather piece’ appears in different forms......some like ancient scripts, some like human forms and some like animal forms etc... according to our imagination . I have composed the colors in overlapping manner one over the other. My views, my feelings and my experiences have been emerged as the essence in my painting.


SCZCC Nagpur,

Bombay art society Mumbai,

Lalit kala Akademi Bangalore,

Lokamany Tilak Pune 

Lalit kala Akademi New Delhi



Masters in Visual arts

NET in visual Arts.