Kaavya Pawar


Kaavya Pawar’s memoirs are take on her reaction towards her innate emotions in
relation to her home / space of dwelling which apparently had to be dilapidated
due to the Delhi – Mumbai Expressway. She talks about the dilemma of
displacement through her pillars and 3d model of her owned land. Instead of
looking at the start or end she drives her focus on the process of creation and
destruction. She even reflects upon her concern with the environment by green
land corrections using green marker in her archive slides and at the same time
reflects on the dead essence of the to be very busy expressway by using yellow,
black & brown shades (wood chips, metal, paper mache). Her conscious inspection
into her memories guides her to get liberated from the grief and remembrance
which she best communicates through her visual language. Her poem guides you
through one of your own memory of loss / change / sense of belonging and yet
connects you to one of her own.

BVA MSU fine arts,  Baroda 

MVA student at MSU fine arts, department of Sculpture;

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