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Paintings, Folk and Tribal,

36 x 24 inches

Acrylic on Canvas,


Pramod MV

Pramod MV is a contemporary Mural Artist from Kerala. Pramod is famous for transforming his mural skill to contemporary subjects and has done quite a few murals all over India and abroad. He is known for bringing the art form to canvas and the use of acrylic colours to do murals on canvas.

His work has been exhibited at the Mumbai and Delhi editions of India Art Festivalsas well as the HT Imagine Fest through various art galleries like Gallerie Splash & Arts of the Earth etc. His works are also in the collection of some leading corporate houses and Public sector companies.

Mural art of Kerala is believed to be an extension of the ancient Dravidian “kalamezhuthu”, an art form connected to religious rituals where images of deities are drawn on the ground. But with the patronage of the kings it really took off and is now considered an art form entirely of its own. Unlike kalamezhuthu, Murals are drawn on walls. They also have their own rules of engagement. There are set ways of preparing the surface and the colours, sketching the outlines and adding decorative detail. The traditional ways, though difficult to follow is now being revived by a new genre of dedicated artists.

Gallerie Splash in association with Hotel Galaxy Shopping & Spa has organised an art show called Living Walls which had the prominent works of Pramod on display. Needless to say, Mural works of Pramod, both traditional as well as contemporary are held in high esteem by art critics and connoisseurs.

Gallerie Splash with its one and half decades of experience as an art gallery makes it possible to buy original artwork by Pramod, both online and offline – through their

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