Chetan Kurekar


I work in a wide range of mediums including Performance Photography, Site
Specific Installations, Sculptures, Paintings, and Drawings. My creative practice
also includes multimedia practices and experimentation. I like the play of
different elements; how the exploding human bodies engage in urban and rural
settings creating a surreal landscape. The exploration of new media in my art
practice gave me a new visual perception of contemporary multimedia
practices. I also use myself as a subject in the artwork blurring the boundaries
between the art and the artist. Many of the materials used in the process like
cotton, hay, and clay, are rooted in my native belongings of a farming family
background which gives a sense of connectivity.
The subject matter is mostly linked with the memories of my childhood
experiences and the rapidly changing landscapes. 'Animal Farm' by George
Orwell was one of the primary influences for the political outlook in my
artworks. Rapid Globalisation is widening the gap between the rich and the
poor. The recent boom in the privatization of the Industrial sector and the urban
revolution has led to the development of a more materialistic society impacting
largely the social development as well as the life of lower and middle-class
people. The questioning of how the contours of our native landscapes are
changing with the rapidly growing consumer society is what intrigues me more.
I engage human bodies with landscapes to reflect the hypocritical system of
power and oppression.
The personification of animals creates a sense of amusement and humor
simultaneously depicting the harsh reality of modern times. My artwork can
also be depicted as a narration of the dying village that admits the chaos of
tempting consumer culture.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh.

MFA, M.S.U, Baroda

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84 x 84 inches

Acrylic on Paper