Rutvi Vakharia


With the Contrast of living in congested middleclass urban sprawls as a child to
now living in a modern House, I observe the slow transformation of spaces in
relation to domestics. My works are subjective to sense of spaces &
surroundings in Indian middle class houses and relation of domesticity as a
female. Mediums of my work vary from watercolour, Gouache, Graphite,
Postcards, to recently installations and paintings on objects like Curtain.
From finding reflections of Derelict Lands, Abandoned Spaces, urban sprawls,
and spaces of domestic surroundings, my observations are about how a piece

of land is considered as Space, turns to place, then a home, back to an Un-
oriented place. With Rapid Urbanization, the city leaves behind traces of its

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48 x 36 inches

Mixed medium on board